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What Are The Tips To Prepare For Current Affairs & General Knowledge

prepare for current affairs and general knowledge

General Knowledge is a vast subject and hence a vital and core section in many Government and other exams. Although, it’s a scoring section for this you need to read and read a lot to stay updated with the current affairs and what’s happening around you and the world. Well, many students face a lot of difficulty in figuring out where to start preparing to ace the section on general knowledge and current affairs as this is a broad section. 

It is pretty important to prepare for current affairs and general knowledge. Why? Because these sections are considered the most important part of a student’s educational journey. Are you also confused about where to start to prepare for the current affairs and general knowledge section? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s dive into this blog to know everything about preparing for the above-discussed sections!

How to prepare for current affairs & general knowledge?

1.      Make a habit of reading newspapers daily

Reading newspapers daily would not just improve your knowledge but also improve your speaking skills too. You would be able to see improvements in your vocabulary skills and hence this is quite a benefit for a growing child. If you fear that you would forget about current affairs, worry not. You can always note them down and keep reading regularly for better preparation. 

2.      Solve mock tests

Well, solving mock tests has always been beneficial for students and that is why it is highly recommended by teachers and subject matter experts. A mock test would also help you to track the timing that you took to solve the entire test. 

You should solve different mock tests regularly and you should never skip the difficult and the trickiest section. Solving them would be good for your practice and hence you will be able to learn from your mistakes.

3.      Look for a minimal distraction place to study

When you learn in an environment that is free from distractions, it’ll help you retain your knowledge for a longer time. This is because your focus would only be on gaining knowledge and not on the distractions. Many students claim that studying at home is much more beneficial than studying in tuition centers or coaching. 

However, some students face distractions at home too such as family interruptions, social media distractions, etc. Beware of such distractions and focus only on learning.

4.      Determine your best study partner: Yourself or in a group

Every student has different learning capabilities. Some can study well when they are in a group, whereas others are more productive and attentive when they are studying on their own, alone. 

Well, studying in a group can be distracting and hence it would be better to study alone as this way you will be able to retain more knowledge in your brain. In a peaceful environment, you will be able to have more focus. But yes, prefer the study method which best suits you.

5.      Do not stick to a single study method; Try differently

Sometimes, you might be unable to cope with a particular study method. Well, in such a case you can undoubtedly switch the study method. Improving techniques of studying is always helpful and you always learn through it. 

Techniques such as reading from your textbook, studying from course notes, re-doing the wrongly done assignment, learning from past mistakes, and even learning online would be beneficial. You can even try out a combination of different study methods for better results. 

6.      Prepare your notes

When you prepare for the current affairs and general knowledge section, it’s better to maintain your notes as this will give you a fair understanding. Notes on Indian politics, history, science, geography, and monthly current affairs cannot be mugged up, and hence preparing self-notes would be beneficial here. 

Furthermore, you can also use your tactics to remember the facts and general knowledge of statistics. Also, make sure to have a quick look at these tactics at the time of revising. 

7.      Don’t take stress; practice meditation

Most students get caught up with stress when they study regularly. This would not benefit you in any sense but would reduce your learning capacity. It’s better if you lower your stress levels and at the same time take a good sleep. This would make you super productive and hence it will also increase your power to learn and perform better in your exam. 

So, these were some of the best tips to prepare for the current affairs and general knowledge section. Moreover, do not forget to reward yourself after studying as it would make you want to learn more, and hence this will keep your interests intact to study and perform better in the exam. 

When should you start studying current affairs and general knowledge?

Well, as soon as you start studying for these sections, it’s a high probability that you will be able to gain more knowledge to ace these sections in your examination. Also, it would be good if you could purchase current affairs and general knowledge books and start reading from that as well, for better grades and scores. 


eVidya Team

eVidya Team

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