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SSC CGL Exam Notification 2021 [LATEST]

ssc cgl

The Government of India conducts the SSC CGL Exam annually to recruit potential candidates for group B and group C posts in several government departments in the administration system of India. Through these regular examinations conducted by the SSC, certain routine government positions are filled up effectively. This year the SSC has announced that the SSC CGL 2020 recruiting process is slated to begin by 21-Dec-2020.

SSC CGL Exam 2019

  1. The SSC released the SSC CGL Admit Card across different regions for the Tier-II examination, scheduled between 15th to 18th November, 2020. For more information on Admit Cards, please click here.
  2. A notice had been issued allowing candidates flexibility to modify their examination centres during the period 26th to 29th September 2020.
  3. The SSC also announced the CGL Level III examination date i.e. 22nd November 2020, and exam candidates can access complete information on SSC CGL Exam Notification.

Update on the SSC CGL Exam 2018

The results of the SSC CGL Results 2018 were declared on 30th September 2020, post which the SSC uploaded the same on their website for candidate reviewing from 7th to 30th October 2020, by using their registration number, roll number and password. Following are additional updates about this exam –

  1. The examination is scheduled for 18th & 19th December 2020 and respective candidates can change their centres between 29th November & 1st December, 2020.
  2. To do so, candidates need to visit in the following link – CGL 2018 Skill Test, and login to the SSC website.

SSC CGL Examination Information and Pre-Requisites

To aid prospective applicants of the SSC CGL examinations, especially in context to the SSC CGL Exam 2019, they have shared the following critical information –

  1. SSC CGL Exam Dates Schedule
  2. SSC CGL Notification
  3. SSC CGL Eligibility
  4. SSC CGL Exam Pattern
  5. SSC CGL Syllabus
  6. SSC CGL Apply Online
  7. SSC CGL Admit Card
  8. SSC CGL Exam Analysis

SSC CGL Examination

The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam, which is a stage 4 examination, is one of the several exams conducted at the national level, to select Group B & Group C candidates, for various departments and offices of the Government of India.

2020 SSC CGL Exam Schedule

Following is the SSC CGL 2020-2021 examination schedule.

SSC CGL Exam  Criteria

2020 SSC CGL Exam Dates

SSC CGL Notification

21st December, 2020

Online Application Window

21st December 2020 – 25th January 2020

SSC CGL Admit Card


Tier-I exam

29th May to 7th June 2021

Tier-II exam

Schedule awaited

Tier-III exam

Tier-IV exam

Those aspiring to clear future SSC CGL exams can review the SSC CGL Exam Analysis by experts.

2019 SSC CGL

The 2019 SSC CGL examinations schedule is as follows-

SSC CGL Exam  Criteria

2019 CGL Exam Dates

SSC CGL Notification

Announced on 22nd October 2019

Online Application Window

22nd October to 25th November 2019

SSC CGL Admit Card

Issued on 20th February 2020

Tier-I exam

3rd to 9th March 2020

Tier-II exam

Original dates: 22nd to 25th June 2020

New dates: 14th to 17th October 2020

Revised dates: 2nd to 5th November 2020

Tier-III exam

Tier-IV exam

Schedule awaited

The 2018 SSC CGL Examinations schedule was as follows –

SSC CGL Exam Criteria

2018 CGL Exam Dates

SSC CGL 2018 Notification

5th May 2018

Online Application Submission

5th May to 5th June 2018

SSC CGL Admit Card

May 2019

Tier-I exam

4th to 19th June 2019

Tier-II exam

11th to 13th September 2019

Tier-III exam

29th December 2019 (Morning)

Tier-IV exam

Schedule Awaited

Some of the exams were postponed to 2019, however, these couldn’t take place as planned and are now going to be scheduled in 2020.

SSC CGL Notification

The SSC releases official notifications about the different tier levels of exams each year. This year the notification is expected on 21st December 2020, for examinations that will be conducted in 2021.

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Recruitment Agency for conducting combined eligibility tests (CET) for several categories like SSC, RRB, and the IBPS examinations, applicable for Group B, Group C, and non-technical government posts.

Updates on SSC CGL Notifications:

  • The SSC has permitted modification in examination centres by eligible candidates for the 2019 SSC CGL exams.
  • The applicants are required to login to the SSC web portal with their registration/roll number and password, where they will be able to view their exam centre under ‘latest notifications’ in the ‘Candidate’s Dashboard’ section, 26th September 2020 onwards.

· The SSC had conducted the Tier-I exam from 3rd to 9th March 2020 and had published results for the same on 1st July 2020, wherein they announced the cut-off marks as well.

· SSC released the Final SSC CGL Answer Key for Tier I exam 2019 on 7th July 2020, which can be reviewed here.

· The SSC has also updated the CGL application status for the 2019-2020 SSC CGL Exams. All applicants can check the status of their application on the SSC website

SSC CGL Vacancies Posts

The SSC notifies about several SSC CGL vacancies along with the SSC CGL examination dates. For the 2019 SSC CGL exams, the SSC anticipated approximately 9,200 vacancies between Group B and Group C level posts. Most of the posts for which the SSC CGL exams are conducted are those of Assistant Section Officer, Assistant Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Junior Accountant, Tax Assistant, Assistant Account Officer, Clerk, etc., the details of which can be checked on their website.

Eligibility Criteria for taking SSC CGL Exams

  • Citizenship – either India or Nepal or Bhutan.
  • Age Criteria – between 18 to 32 years (this limit is relaxed for certain candidates of reserved classes)
  • Educational Qualification – a Bachelor’s degree from a renowned University
  • Physical Fitness (additional criteria) – applicable for candidates applying to certain posts like those of assistant inspector, sub-inspector, etc.


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