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How to Crack NIELIT CCC Exam in First Attempt | Tips & Tricks

Crack NIELIT CCC in 2022

The CCC programme aims to impart to people digital literacy and a fundamental understanding of computers. They attain a practical understanding of computers so they can have career opportunities. Plus, CCC certification is mandatory for taking various competitive exams. 

Do you want to know the ways to crack NIELIT CCC in 2022 and have excellent passing marks? Then get through the end of the article to get the essential information about the exam and learn about some tips and tricks that would help you crack NIELIT CCC in 2022. 

About CCC (Course on Computer Concepts)-

The CCC exams are conducted by NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology). It is a computer-based online test, and the duration of this test is one hour (or 60 minutes). 

Best tips and tricks to crack the NIELIT CCC exam on the first attempt-

Below are some effective tips and tricks you can use to easily crack NIELIT CCC in 2022-


  • Complete the syllabus

First, if you do not have prior knowledge about computers, you must learn about every topic and gain a deep understanding of every concept. The syllabus is not lengthy, so studying for one hour for one month is enough. 


  • Do practicals

Along with understanding concepts theoretically, you must start doing practical implementation of what you have learned. This will not only help you understand things profoundly but also remember them for a long time.


  • Practice mock tests

By taking mock tests and solving previous papers, you can test yourself and know where you stand. Plus, with constant practice, you can increase your accuracy and get better with time. There are several help books available that provides updated content to crack the exam in one go.


  • Believe in yourself

Do not wonder how I am going to pass the CCC exam. Just, keep studying as per your schedule every day with full dedication. And using these, you would be able to crack NIELIT CCC in 2022 very easily. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is CCC easy to crack?

Yes, CCC curricula are considered to be simple and easy. Additionally, many people have prior knowledge of computers, so they can pass this exam by making little effort and studying. However, even if you do not have much knowledge of computers, you can pass this exam by completing the syllabus and using some tips. 

What type of question comes in CCC exam?

The CCC exam consists of 100 questions, and each question carries one mark. The questions are multiple-choice objective questions. The questions in the exams come from the CCC syllabus. Moreover, you have to give the answers to the questions on an OMR sheet. 

What are passing marks in CCC?

Students have to get a minimum of 50% marks in order to pass these marks. It means they have to give correct answers to at least 50 questions. Furthermore, students get grades marked in their results, such as-

  • Firstly, students who get 85% or above are given an ‘S’ grade.
  • Candidates with a percentile from 75% to 84% get an ‘A’ grade. 
  • Students with a percentile from 65% to 74% get a ‘B’ grade. 
  • If you get 55% to 64% marks you get a ‘C’ grade. 
  • If the marks range from 50% to 54%, students get a ‘D’ grade.
  • Lastly, students scoring below 50% would fail the exam. 

What is CCC syllabus?

The syllabus  of the CCC includes topics such as-

  • Introduction to computers
  • Introduction to GUI-based operating systems
  • Elements of word processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Computer communication and the internet
  • WWW and web browser.
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Making presentations

Which is the best book for CCC exam?

There are various books available on the market that candidates can get from the market to crack NIELIT CCC in 2022 and, if you want to explore some of the best and most popular books for CCC, you can check here:


Anyone interested in gaining expertise in information technology can take this exam. Students can apply for this exam on the last day of each month. Also, the exams are conducted the first week of each month. There are no age criteria for these exams and no attempt restrictions either. Additionally, if you are going to apply for this exam, you can use the tips mentioned above. So, you can smoothly crack NIELIT CCC in 2022 with higher scores. 


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eVidya Team

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