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Important News Exam Date Out: RRB Group D exam preparation tips in 2022

RRB Group D exam preparation tips for 2022

RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) conducts various types of exams for selecting candidates to work for the Indian Railways. The recruitment board has divided the jobs into various groups, such as group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. This year RRB Group D CBT1 Exam is going to start from 17th August 2022. If you want to crack this exam in first attempt, you must know the RRB Group D exam preparation tips for 2022

Therefore, in the following content, you are going to know the essential pieces of information about the RRB Group D and the useful tips for RRB Group D exam preparation tips for 2022


RRB Group D exam preparation tips-

Below are the seven best RRB Group D exam preparation tips for 2022 you can use to crack the exam. 

  • Do the research on the syllabus

The very first step to preparing for the group D exam is to completely understand the syllabus. And you should also do research about the topics you have to study for the exams. By doing this, you will have the proper knowledge so you can make a strategy for the preparation. 

  • Make a schedule 

Cracking the RRB Group D exam is definitely not a piece of cake. So, it is necessary to have a schedule and the dedication to follow it. A schedule will help you become consistent in your preparation.  

  • Making notes

 When it comes to preparing for this exam, making notes can help you in the long run. So, while you are studying any specific topic, try to take notes of important points. Making notes is advantageous for remembering important points. Plus, it also provides you with a resource to revise when the exams are near. 

  • Solving the previous year’s question paper

 This one is the most useful tip, no matter whether you are preparing for RRB Group D or any other competitive exam. So, try to solve the previous year’s question papers as much as you can. By doing this, you are going to know your weak points, so you can focus on them. 

  • Take Online Mock Test

Taking mock tests would help you test your efficiency and work on your question-solving speed. Also, it can help you understand the vibes of the exam. So, taking the mock tests on a regular basis can help you increase your efficiency in selecting the right answers.

  • Revision  

We can learn things easily, but the key part is how long we remember what we learn. So, it is best to go back and revise the topics now and then. Revising benefits include remembering the topics for a longer time. Additionally, it also helps us understand something more in-depth if we don’t understand it clearly for the first time. 

  • Stay dedicated to your goal

Dedication is a key factor when you are preparing for exams. So, staying dedicated to your goals and studying hard will surely help you to reach your goal. It is vital to have faith in yourself and your hard work is most beneficial for RRB Group D exam preparation tips for 2022. 


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-

What should I study for the Group D exam?

The syllabus of the RRB Group D exams consists of questions from the subjects such as-

Mathematics, General Science, General Awareness/Current Affairs, General Intelligence and Reasoning. 

Additionally, the Group D exam is a CBT (computer-based test) consisting of 100 questions. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes (or one and a half hours) and each question carries 1 mark. Furthermore, there is a negative marking of ⅓ marks.


Is the RRB Group D exam tough?

The toughness of exams depends on the level of your preparation. If you have prepared well and studied hard for the exams, you can easily crack the exams. So, in preparation for RRB group D exams, you need to grab good study materials. 


What are RRB Group D jobs?

Electrical Helper, Mechanical Porter Cabin man, Leverman Shunter, and many more. 


What is the salary of RRB Group D? 

The basic pay of the RRB Group D is INR 18,000 (minimum) and employees of the group D get paid around 22,000 to 25,000 (approx).

What is the date of the RRB Group D exam 2022?

The RRB Group D exam 2022 has been postponed twice this year. The new released exam date is August 17, 2022. You can visit the official RRB websites to find out about the changes and updates to the exam. 



RRB Group D exam can help you get a handsomely paid government job and have a secure future. Additionally, when you start working at any group D job profile, you can take exams after a few years to get promoted to more prominent work profiles.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to preparing for a group and want the best study resources, then eVIDYA RRB Group D practice books can be reliable resources to use.


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