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What is the NIELIT CCC certificate? – CCC Exam Date 2022

CCC Exam Date 2022

We all know how tech-driven the world has become. Therefore, making the knowledge of computers a necessity for high-paying job opportunities. It is the reason why the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) conducts the very efficient Course on Computer Concepts (CCC). Undoubtedly, the CCC exam date 2022 holds a significant value for NIELIT CCC aspirants. It is because the entrance exam of the course is held every month of the year, except January and July. 


Even though there exists a lot of flexibility for the CCC aspirants, there were many questions of the students that needed to be addressed before the upcoming CCC exam date 2022. So read along to find the answers to your queries and don’t forget to share this with your fellow CCC exam aspirants. 


What is the NIELIT CCC certificate?


The CCC is a Course on Computer Concepts by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT). In simple words, CCC is an 80 hours computer course that can help you inculcate and get the basic knowledge of computers. This course can be pursued by anyone because learning does not have an age. Moreover, this certificate can help you enhance your skill set and get a better-paying job in the market. 


The organizing body believes that upon the completion of the course, individuals will be able to handle and operate computers for their best benefit in personal life, business, and whatnot. 



Is CCC Exam valid for lifetime?


The CCC course is said to be valid for five years after the completion of the course. Moreover, the students should know that the NIELIT qualifications are undoubtedly widely accepted in the Information Technology Industry of India and abroad.  



Is the CCC course free?


The CCC certificate isn’t free of cost. However, the fee structure of the NIELIT Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is very easy to understand. The examination fee is 500 Indian Rupee. Moreover, the service tax will be applicable on the field of 500 rupees. You can pay this amount via your credit card, debit card, or net banking as you fill out the examination form. 



Is a NIELIT CCC Exam certificate useful?


This goes without saying that having the basic knowledge of computers can help you tremendously in every walk of life. It can make you stand out of the crowd and get that high-paying job easily. 


Knowing technology and its operation can benefit you because technology can make your work a cakewalk. Therefore, you can inculcate smart work in your schedules to get efficient results in less time. 


Furthermore, if you own a small business the basic computer knowledge can help you put your business on the Internet and gather more clients than ever. With computer knowledge, you can learn how to work on the internet and search for better opportunities for yourself in the job market. For dedicated aspirants, this computer knowledge can prove to be a way of learning different languages, cultures, and the world in general. Your productivity will skyrocket resulting in a plethora of golden opportunities. 



Who is eligible for the CCC exam and what is CCC Exam Date 2022?


Given that the CCC course does not have any age limit for its applicants, it also doesn’t have any minimum eligibility. This pretty much sounds too good to be true, right? Trust us it is the truth!


Anyone can apply for a Course on Computer Concepts, and gain knowledge of computers anytime and any day. Additionally, there is also no restriction on the number of attempts that a student can make for the exam. However, you should know that the NIELIT CCC exam is conducted 10 times a year and not in January and July.

As far as the November CCC exam date 2022 is concerned, the examination day is the first saturday of november.  


Will I get a job after the CCC exam?


Getting a job after the NIELIT CCC course is honestly quite beneficial and a little less tiring. You may ask why? It is because the Course on Computer Concepts enhances your resume and skill set so that you can get a better ranking job in the field. 

Below are the few careers that you can pursue after completing the CCC course:-

  • Data entry operator
  • Personal business developer and manager
  • Billing operator
  • Office Administrator
  • Document writer and more




Finally, to conclude, the NIELIT initiative of the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is a go-to enhancement of the skill set if you wish to aim at a respectable job. Lastly, the CCC course can help you boost your knowledge of computers which will encourage you to be a part of a more globalized and interconnected world. Therefore, for exam preparation get eVidya NIELIT CCC book. 


eVidya Team

eVidya Team

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