Exam Preparation Gamified

Give excitement to your Exam Preparation in Game Mode now. Along with daily preparation, crack Test Challenges and earn Reward Coins.

Learn, Play & Win

Crack 'n' Earn paves an exciting way to prepare & test for exams

Challenge yourself on 4-levels

Multi-level Test Challenges - Easy, Medium, Difficult, Most-Difficult.

Topper's Prep Secret

That's how the rankers prepare - A new challenge everyday.

Crack 'n' Earn -An exciting mode of preparation

With Crack 'n' Earn Module, eVIDYA Students can take hundreds of test challenges. Students may choose to attempt Exam-wise and Subject -wise Test Challenges as per their preparation needs.To unlock Test Challenges,student may use coins oronline payment or both.One Student can attempt OneTest Challenge only once.Youearn Reward Coins only if you crack all questions of a Test Challenge.

Every Exam Every Subject Challenges


Earn Hundreds of Reward Coins

Compete with Millions of Aspirants / Students

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