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  • eVidya Premium Test Simulations

A Complete Practice Kit packed with Sample Papers & Test Sets (Multiple Difficulty Levels) designed by India’s Top Exam Experts.

  • Real-time Question Review

A Take the test and mark for review to assess your answers after Test Submission.

  • 100% Accurate Performance Analysis

Answer Accuracy, Score, Percentile, Subject Performance, Rank Analysis, Time Breakdown and a lot that makes eVidya Test Analysis unfailing.

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Get 2 Full-Length Test Sets absolutely free, to test and assess your preparation with timer countdown offering Real Exam environment.

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GoPrep ExamPass –eVidya Premium TestSeries

GoPrep ExamPasses are eVidya’s Comprehensive TestSeries Packages. We understand that every Exam Aspirants have variety of Preparation Problems and one of the most common challenges Aspirants face is to prepare oneself for real exam experience and environment.

Exam Passes

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*Every GoPrep package subscription comes with access validity & unique packaging of preparation resources.

What ExamPass consists of?

  • Test Series
  • Daily Dose
  • Toppers Talks
  • Exam Format
  • Syllabus
  • Previous Year Paper