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What are the best Online Career and Education Forums for Government Jobs in India?

Government Jobs in India

What are the best Online Career and Education Forums for Government Jobs in India?

Government jobs are the ultimate aim and dream of countless people in India, raising the competition level and high risk of investing money and time to achieve the goal in the first attempt. 


Many aspirants have successfully achieved the top ranks and made their way to government jobs. However, there are many beginners and stragglers who have recently started their journey of government exam preparation and still in the dilemma to get the latest updates, build a right network and connect with experts. 


Therefore, to facilitate them in the right way, to provide them with every possible guidance, and to connect with experts, there are several online education forums available.


Now what are forums and how can you be a part of them?

Online forums are the website for like-minded people to share their knowledge, experience and build a network. 


It is an open space for all where people ask questions and get bulk answers and connecting on education forums online helps you to talk about the particular topic, to get latest information about books, services, change in exam policy, big ed-techs and their products and more. 


If you aspire to crack a government exam with the guidance of experts and experienced people then education forums are the best place for you. To connect, you are required to sign-up for free and search for the relatable topic and start your question.


What are the best Online Career and Education Forums for Government Jobs in India?

Online career and education forums are important but what are those most helpful forums for you? Check out the list below and start signing-up now. 


1. Ask.Shikha 

Shikha is an online career counseling platform that helps students to make an informed decision after 10th and 12th. Besides, it helps to shortlist the universities and colleges which are best for you. 

Now, if you are preparing for competitive exams like, CUET, NEET, JEET, CAT, D.Et  and etc, then this community is a good place to get the best advice and connect with right people


2. Quora

Quora is a very well known question-answer  social media platform. People make connections and add themselves in the channel that they have interest in. This platform is safe and certified for anyone who has a curious mind and numerous doubts to clear. 

For many users, Quora is a better result showing platform than google because people give answers on the basis of their good & bad experiences.

Besides, students can raise the question anonymously without showing their name and profile. Quora has several channels/groups that you can join related to the government jobs and updates. You can ask book recommendations and reviews to them, people share their study material, notes, and study plan as well.


3. Reddit

Reddit is less popular yet very helpful for UPSC and SSC aspirants. Besides, it is similar to Quora where you can add yourself in relatable groups and ask questions. Reddit also allows you to share pictures and videos, increasing your account credibility.


4. Education and Career Forum

This forum covers all the relevant educational topics that you wish for, such as government jobs, private jobs, UG, pG, PhD, 10th and 12th class schooling. 

Every topic covers more than 2 lakh posts and threads that you can join and post your question under the threads. Besides, this forum is open for everyone and allows you to join for free. 

So, students preparing for government exams must join the forum to get experts’ advice. 


5. eVidya App Feed Section

eVidya it is an elearning platform for government jobs aspirants and competitive exams students. It provides a free excess of the latest government exam practice set, mock test, free online CBT, Daily Quizzes and syllabus.

eVidya Feed Section is not a forum website, it is an in-app feature that facilitates the teachers and students to connect and clear their doubts on a platform. It is a free space for everyone and you can switch Hindi and English language anytime. 


The App allows you to share the notes, ask doubts and also permit you to clear doubts of your friends. 

To join the eVidya App Feed, you need to download the app for free and register yourself. That is a very simple and one-time process. 



If you are a beginner in a field of government job and seeking your to build your career in the government sector, then forums are the best, realistic, and instant opportunity for you. Through forums, you can ask, give answers, post pictures, make connections, and connect with experts and senior government officials as well. 

You can join at zero cost, anytime and anywhere!

eVidya Team

eVidya Team

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